Fr 19. Apr | 10:00–11:30 Uhr
Schwerpunktthema Internationales Soziales Online
Stiftung Shanti

Brücken bauen in Nahost

Dialogue meeting of the Parents Circle - Families Forum


The "Dialogue meetings" were launched by the "Parents Circle - Families Forum" over twenty years ago. In this format, bereaved Israelis and Palestinians, who have lost a loved one in an incident related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, share their stories of loss and their personal journeys to dialogue and reconciliation. The listeners in these meetings are often jolted out of their fixed prejudices to consider reconciliation and peace.

The meetings mainly take place in schools, but also in private and communal organisations. They have now reached around 300,000 people.

Today, this impressive project can be seen and heard at the "Berliner Stiftungswoche".

The event will be held in english. You will receive the Zoom link upon registration.